About Us

Learn about Shur-Gro’s deep-seated history in agriculture


At Shur-Gro, we believe in providing services that growers need. Whether you are looking for crop nutrition, crop protection, seeds, or would like to take advantage of our custom services, we’ll make sure that our experienced people help you with all your requirements.

The key to being able to provide our services is the people at Shur-Gro. Working here is more than simply a job – it means being part of a winning team. Shur-Gro people have a strong work ethic and are committed to excellence.

In 1968, Ron Helwer began the Shur-Gro business in Brandon, Manitoba which originally operated as a fuel and crop nutrition dealer. Ron brought years of experience to the business, having grown up on a farm and operating in several businesses with his father and brother.

Ron was born and raised in Libau, Manitoba by a family who operated a mixed farm, producing and selling a number of crop and dairy products. His father began by helping neighbours with threshing, custom work, and began renting land.

Ron began his entrepreneurship in 1952 when he started a Massey-Harris dealership with his father. Between then and the opening of Shur-Gro in 1968, he and his father expanded their product and service offerings, both selling and repairing appliances and machinery. They also purchased another dealership – in Selkirk – and operated as bulk fuel agents.

After growing the bulk fuel business to three locations, Ron sold it and began working as a Shell agent, selling fuel, crop nutrients, and farm supplies before opening Shur-Gro the same year.

By the early 70s, the company was expanding rapidly and moved twice until securing property on Douglas Street, where they’re still located today.

Not only was the business expanding, but so was Ron’s family. He and his wife raised 3 children who helped with the business during their school years.

Ron attributes the company’s healthy growth and success in part to his family, and the many loyal and hardworking people that have been with Shur-Gro over the years, including some long-time General Managers.

Since 2008, we have built 9 new crop nutrition plants and 4 new seed plants in order to accommodate our growth and increase our presence. The third and final phase of our dry fertilizer distribution plant, The Brandon Terminal Ltd. is now complete.

As a locally-owned company, Shur-Gro believes in supporting our communities – that is, where we do business. One of the best ways to do this is with our time. Many of our people are leaders in their communities, donating their skills to local 4-H groups, youth sports, Chambers of Commerce, local municipalities, and business groups.

We have been dedicated to providing exceptional service to our growers for many years, and we plan to continue providing excellent-quality goods and services to our customers in order to satisfy and exceed both their needs and expectations.

Brandon Head Office Employees

Guiding Principles


We believe that customers are where our business starts. We strive to provide a service that puts our customers first, and work towards total customer satisfaction.


We believe in employee wellness, and treat each employee with fairness and respect, giving rewards and recognition when earned. We promote employee health and ensure flexibility in their work-life balance to enjoy time with family.


We believe in a fun and positive work environment. Therefore, we provide a safe, healthy, and encouraging atmosphere for our employees and customers to grow and prosper.


We believe in honesty and integrity, and live by the golden rule. We treat people the way we would prefer to be treated.


We believe in professionalism. We conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with our knowledge and training in all areas of our business and will continue to encourage personal and career development.


We believe in high quality service, and make every effort to provide timely, accurate, and industry-leading service in all aspects of crop production.


We believe in profits for the company. Therefore, we will work towards the common goal of earning profits to ensure the longevity of the company.


We believe in creating value for our customers. To do this, we provide goods and services that offer solutions and bring value to our customers’ business. In turn, this helps to improve their operation and increase their farm’s profitability.


We believe in teamwork, and provide support and development to our staff. This allows us to work together to reach a common goal for the success of our company and our customers.


We believe in supporting and contributing to our communities. Therefore, we invest our time and resources in building a strong sense of community. We promote agriculture as a positive influence in our communities and lives.


We believe that positive attitudes result in positive outcomes and results.


We value being an independent, locally owned company and promote our values & image.


We believe in environmental stewardship and promote practices to ensure the sustainability of agriculture.

Why Choose Us?

Shur-Gro is committed to going above and beyond for our customers, always putting in the extra mile to help our growers no matter the time or day. Our customers consider us some of the best agronomists in the business and appreciate our extensive experience and knowledge.

Shur-Gro continues to grow and upgrade our facilities, demonstrating our progressiveness and commitment to adapting to our clients and the ever-changing demand and needs of the market.

We have consistent staff who are continually educated, giving them an edge when it comes to providing the right type of solution you need.

Why do our customers choose Shur-Gro?

  • We are diverse with a depth of knowledge on a wide range of crops and practices across our group.
  • We are willing to try and present growers with new products and services.
  • Our hours of service are flexible because we work when you work.
  • We know farms because we’ve run farms; we understand your needs and concerns right down to the roots.