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Employment at Shur-Gro

Working at Shur-Gro is like working with one big family. We treat every single customer like they’re part of that family, approaching each opportunity or challenge that somebody brings to us the same way; with passion and a dedication to solving it. We are looking for somebody who is equally as excited about executing solutions with the highest-quality customer service. You’ll need to be ready and willing to learn!

As part of our team, you’ll enjoy competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, continual education, and a fantastic team of people around you. We look forward to meeting you.

What our Employees are Saying

“At Shur-Gro, we are always given the freedom to act on behalf of the customer, with their best interest in mind. Whether it’s an opportunity or a challenge, our approach is always consistent; that is the value of the Shur-Gro brand.”

“Working at Shur-Gro is like working with one big family. It’s nice to have an owner that cares about everyone and is always willing to chat.”

“Shur-Gro is agriculture at its finest. Dedicated employees, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and attention to customer service & satisfaction is the engine that drives the company. Ron Helwer, founder and owner, has shaped this family business with an independent and entrepreneurial approach, and has positioned Shur-Gro as a company that will enthusiastically embrace the future.”

“Working at Shur-Gro is very rewarding. It’s a company that wants to see you grow and maximize your true potential. I’m constantly learning and growing as a salesperson, and I’ve made some lifelong friends in the process!’

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