<b>Retail Branch<br></b> Phone: 204-729-3800<br> Fax: 204-729-0214<br> <br> <b>Co-Manager: Steve Jones and Marc Taggart<br></b> <br> <b>Head Office<br></b> Phone: 204-729-3810<br> Fax: 204-727-8470<br>
27007 Suthwyn Road, Box 189
Dugald, MB R0E 0K0
<b>Manager: Corey Blad</b>
99 Main St E, Box 220
Elie, MB R0H 0H0
Fax: 204-353-2327<br> <br> <b>Branch Manager: Blake Rempel</b> Fax: 1-204-523-5418<br> <br> <b>Manager: Bart Sutherland<br></b> <br> <b>Assistant Manager: Brett Nichol</b>
123 South Railway St E, Box 520
MacGregor, MB R0H 0R0
Fax: 204-685-5680<br> <br> <b>Branch Manager: Owen Stanton</b>
271 Railway St, Box 455
Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0
Fax: 204-476-7585<br> <br> <b>Co-Manager: Jenna Walker and Gary Rossnagel</b>
21039 Prefontaine Road, Box 642
Niverville, MB R0A 1E0
<b>Manager: Corey Blad</b><br> <br> <b>Assistant Mgr: Zach Enns</b> Fax: 204-267-2331<br> <br> <b>Manager: Cody Brown</b> <br> <b>Co-manager: Lori Grant</b>
38173 Hwy 1 West
Portage la Prairie RM, MB R1N 4A8
Fax: 204-239-5849<br> <br> <b>Manager: Frank Perrin</b> Fax: 204-759-4249<br> <br> <b>Manager: Wes Arnfinson<br></b> <br> <b>Assistant Manager: Charlee McLaughlin</b> Fax: 204-673-2495<br> <br> <b>Manager: Bryce Wilkinson</b> Fax: 204-824-4059<br> <br> <b>Manager: Brock Sutherland</b> <br> Fax: 204-274-3055<br> <br> <b> Manager: Chas Lambert</b>