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Growers choose Shur-Gro because of our unparalleled service. No matter the time or the day, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are set up for success and can benefit from our wealth of experience in agronomy.

Not only do we provide excellent customer service, but we strive to give our customers new products and services to satisfy and support their growth. Shur-Gro’s people are just as passionate about your farm endeavors as you are, and we truly care about the people we serve; after all, our roots come from the farm, too.

When you come to Shur-Gro, you can feel confident in knowing that we’ll be available when you need us, and will be able to provide your farm with exactly what it needs through our products and services. Whether it’s a customized seed treatment or buying new crop nutrition, our team is ready to assist.


Your crop’s yield and performance begin with a tiny seed. Allow Shur-Gro to help you choose the variety best suited for your farm; we offer a great selection of canola, soybeans, corn, cereal, and other crop seed. Let us guide you to this year’s bin-buster. Seed: Canola, corn, soybeans, sunflower, forage & grass, cereal

Crop Nutrition

Feed your crops’ potential with top quality products from Shur-Gro. We offer Anhydrous Ammonia complete with rental wagons and delivery service, as well as dry and liquid crop nutrition products. We can build the right nutrient balance for your crops with a custom blend.

Crop Nutrition: NH3, Dry & Liquid Crop Nutrition, Dry & Liquid Blends

Crop Protection
  • Seed treatment

    You’ve made a wise investment in a top-performing seed variety, now protect that genetic potential with an effective seed treatment. Control seedling diseases and insects to get your crop off to a great start and maximize yield.

  • Pre-emergence/Pre-seed

    Eliminate weeds early on for cleaner fields and faster starts. Shur-Gro offers a complete line of granular pre-emergent and pre-seed options. Check with us for a customized recommendation.

  • Post-emergence
    • Look to Shur-Gro for the best advice on matching the most effective products for your weed control concerns. Cleaner fields put money in the bank and keep your rotations flexible.

    • Turn your good crops into great crops by using an effective fungicide product. We can help you choose the right product and timing of application.

    • Keep unwanted guests out of your crops with a timely insecticide application. We can help you identify the pest and advise on the best course of action.

    • Pre-harvest and desiccant products can help you manage your harvest timing and success. We can help with staging advice and product selection.

  • Crop Protection:  Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, seed treatments

Agronomic Services

We pride ourselves in having a strong team of sales agronomists to support your cropping decisions. We can assist you with:

  • Soil and tissue testing
  • 4R nutrient stewardship
  • Crop planning
  • Field scouting and recommendations
  • Weed resistance management
  • Precision ag tools such as R7 from WinField United and Climate FieldView from Bayer
Custom Services

At Shur-Gro, we offer professional custom services that are reliable and effective. Our services range from custom seed treating, dry crop nutrition floating, crop spraying (ground and air), and equipment rental. We also offer prompt delivery when required.

  • Custom Cultivator – Our cultivator can apply Anhydrous Ammonia and 10-30-0 Suspension Fertilizer.

  • Custom Floating – We can use our floater to spread dry or dry blended crop nutrition, dry chemical, or seed.

  • Custom Spraying – We can scout, recommend chemical, and spray your fields.

  • Variable Rate Application – Our Agronomists can use our R7 technology and soil samples to create a variable rate prescription that can be loaded onto your tractor or can be used in our floaters.

  • R7 Mapping Technology – Our WinField United R7 tool can use full field satellite imagery and soil mapping, along with local answer plots and data from across North America to help you manage your fields.

  • Crop Planning – Work with our Agronomists to create a full, multi-year crop plan to help maximize your farm’s potential.

  • Crop Scouting – We have a full staff of Agronomists available to manage your fields.

  • Soil Testing and Analysis – Work with our Agronomists to help you better plan your soil fertility. We will collect soil samples, get them tested, and then analyse the results to help you maximize your yield potential.

  • Manure Management – We can sample, test, and recommend manure application rates.

  • Seed Treating – Use one of our seed treating locations to ensure you get the most out of the seed you put in the ground.

  • Equipment Rental – Our locations each have several pieces of equipment available to rent to help you with your farming needs. These include dry crop nutrition spreaders, Valmar spreaders, seed treaters, and liquid caddies.

We want to be your partner in producing a healthy and profitable crop. Your success is our success, and we pledge to do it right. After all, we’ve been serving our customers since 1968 at Shur-Gro Farm Services.