Comings and Goings at Niverville

May 07, 2021

Comings and Goings at Niverville
With the warm weather we’re having this week, product is moving steady across the province.
Over on the east side of Manitoba at our Niverville location, they had fertilizer coming in, fertilizer going out, corn coming in, and soybeans going out!

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Apr 24, 2024
Shur-Gro Farm Services "Closer Look" spring magazine has become a wonderful way for me to connect with our customers across all 13 branch locations. Sitting today looking out the window at the beginning of February makes me think spring is closer than it is.
Dec 06, 2023
Analyze trial data! As a producer you should continuously monitor trial data of new hybrids that are being introduced to the market. To properly determine if a new hybrid will work for you evaluate results over multiple years and regions.
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Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) soybean production refers to the cultivation of soybeans that have not been genetically modified through techniques such as gene editing or genetic engineering. Non-GMO soybean production is becoming increasingly popular as consumers and food companies seek out ingredients that are not genetically modified.