My Summer Experience

Aug 27, 2020

My Summer Experience

Hello my name is Rachel. I am currently a summer student working for Shur-Gro Farm Services at the Neepawa location. I have recently finished my second year of a two year Agribusiness Diploma course at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba.

I grew on a cattle/grain farm north/west of Neepawa, Manitoba. Growing up I never had much to do with grain farming. Our farm primarily grew grain for green feed. I knew that my future had to have agriculture in it. That is what I grew up around, that is what I am passionate about. This is why I chose to study Agribusiness.

This spring I knew I wanted to head in a direction that I had not explored before. That direction led me to Ag retail. The Agribusiness program at ACC helped me build my communication skills, as well as build my knowledge about crops, and the work that has to go into them. Going into a position as a summer intern at Shur-Gro I was able to put the past two years of schooling to good use when I was able to get into the field. I thought I had learned a lot in school, but nothing compares to the actual tasks that the job requires of you.

The staff at Shur-Gro are great people to work with. Not just at the Neepawa location, but all locations. Every individual is very welcoming and willing to teach you, as long as you are willing to learn! I started May, 4 2020, which is the prime time for fertilizer season. During this the guys were able to take the time to slow down and show me how the fertilizer plant runs and how to create the different blends of fertilizer. By the end of fertilizer season I was named the “Blend Master”. During this time I got to know the guys more and more. Every farmer that had come in to get fertilizer at this point had asked me what my thoughts were for working with the group that I worked with. My only response was “they are all very quirky in their own way and that’s what gives them character”.

Fertilizer season slowly began to wrap up. That is when I was able to start using everything that I had just learned in school and start applying it to the fields. Herbicide season was my favourite part of the summer. I was able to be outside learning about weeds that at one point I did not know even existed. I was able to talk to producers with the guidance and help of my manager, Cam Tibbett, and assistant manager, Jenna Walker. Both Jenna and Cam were very helpful with any questions I may have had. Jenna is a great person to learn from as she knows a lot about weeds and crops in general which came in handy when I was stumped on a weed. The crop tours provided great opportunities for hands on learning and discussion that I found invaluable.

All in all, I feel this summer job opportunity can only help me in my future plans in the Agriculture industry. I would welcome the chance to work at Shur-gro in the future, and would recommend this position to other summer students who are interested in this field.

I wish everyone one a safe and bountiful harvest, and good health during this time of Covid.

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