Nutrient Stewardship

Sep 16, 2019

Nutrient Stewardship

As growers and agronomists, we know that fertilizer is an important component of a profitable and sustainable crop system. We understand the importance of using fertilizer efficiently for the most effective results. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship program was developed to guide our on-farm improvements and to demonstrate to the public that food is being produced in a responsible manner. These guidelines are supported by Canadian and International Fertilizer Industry Associations.

4R Nutrient Stewardship is applying fertilizer of the Right Source, at the Right Rate, at the Right Time, and in the Right Place. The benefits of 4R include improved agricultural productivity and yields by optimizing nutrient management. The impact to the environment is also minimized by growing more food on less land and by keeping nutrients within fields and rooting zones and thus less likely to escape as pollution. Properly managed fertilizer use will support cropping systems that will provide economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Many of us are already practising elements of 4R today. At Shur-Gro, we start with a soil test, make recommendations based on economic and realistic yield goals, apply fertilizer as efficiently as possible, and promote stabilized fertilizer products to help prevent losses where possible. We want the nutrients to be available to the crop and have minimal impact to the environment.

Give your local Shur-Gro agronomist a call and we can discuss 4R with you and make suggestions on how improved fertilizer use efficiency can benefit your farm and community.

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