Shur-Gro August update

Aug 01, 2020

Shur-Gro August update

Harvest season is upon us once again in the Prairie Provinces and as of August 25, Manitoba Agriculture has reported the overall harvest percentage completion at 13%. This is to be expected as crops were planted later in the season due to moisture issues along with some reseeding going on as well. While we are just getting started with harvest, wheat yields are looking to be around average to just below average due to the stresses that were faced throughout the year. Oat and barley yields however are reporting to be above average. As we enter into September, canola fields are quickly ripening and being swathed or desiccated as well as some earlier varieties already being thrashed.

The same battle was fought this year when it came to grasshoppers when compared to last. Many fields were sprayed numerous times to help control populations.

If you’re driving down highway 13 just past Oakville, you will notice some construction going on at the Oakville branches fertilizer plant. They are getting an upgrade on their fertilizer bins and in load system, switching to a grain leg in load and over twice the storage capacity with the new bins.

Don’t forget, your local Shur-Gro offers soil sampling! For the most accurate representation of the field, it is best practice to sample once the combines are off the field and before it is worked. A good fertility plan starts with a soil test. Don’t forget to check out our twitter page for the latest harvest news and crop chatter @ShurGro_Munro. Stay safe and happy harvest!

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