Shur-Gro updates

Apr 22, 2019

Shur-Gro updates

Harvest is well underway in the province and growers are optimistic about crop quality given this year’s weather conditions. In the first half of the year (Jan 1 – Jun 30), Winnipeg set a record for the driest first 6 months on record with only 91.1 millimeters of moisture. This dates back to 1872 when weather data recordings were first produced, the second driest year was in 1900 with 106.5 millimeters of moisture.

Cereal harvest yields are average but still a pleasant surprise given the lack of moisture at the beginning of the growing season. Canola has been swathed or desiccated near the end of the month and some fields are being taken off now with average yields. Next to the lack of moisture, grasshoppers had a large impact on crop quality this year as well.  Fields were being sprayed up to multiple times due to large infestations of insects. Soybeans are now beginning to dry down as we approach September. With thrashing going on, this is a good reminder that soil sampling is available through your local Shur-Gro location. It is best practice to have your field sampled right after harvest is completed before any field work is done for the most accurate sample possible.

Some exciting news out of the Elie branch, a volumetric fertilizer system is currently being installed and is expected to be completed by the end of September. It will have a 50 metric ton overhead scale bin and seven 200 metric ton bins for storage.

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Have a safe and happy harvest.

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