Fertilizer Preparedness for 2020

Sep 28, 2020

Fertilizer Preparedness for 2020

areas did not have a normal fall fertilizer run in 2019 due to uncooperative
soil and weather conditions.  This means
that the spring of 2020 will be unusually busy for fertilizer application.  Growers should plan early to avoid bottlenecks.  Some of this planning should include:

  1. Completing your cropping
    and rotational plan so that you know your key crop acres and field locations.
  2. Developing a fertility
    plan for each field with the exact amount of plant nutrient required/desired
    (use your soil test results).
  3. Taking possession of
    straight-grade or blended product early to have supplies already on-farm.
  4. Pre-buying (if possible)
    some of your spring needs to ensure supply.
  5. Booking custom application
    for a portion of your acres.
  6. Purchasing your seed
    supply early to save time in spring.
  7. Ensuring equipment is
    fully maintained and serviced so that you can roll as soon as soil and weather
  8. Hiring extra labour in
    anticipation of a busy season.
  9. Planning to start early on
    better drained fields in spring.
  10. If possible, assigning
    “fertilizer duty” to an individual, so that acres are completed in a timely
    manner in advance of seeding.

was a challenging fall and harvest and we all deserve a break.  However, be sure to kick-start your 2020
fertilizer planning soon, so that you are as prepared as you can be.  Good luck in 2020 and let’s hope our weather

contact your local Shur-Gro sales agronomist for assistance with fertility
plans, product supply, and custom application needs.

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