New Herbicide Products – 2018

Jun 01, 2020

New Herbicide Products � 2018

Pre-seed Burndown


Paradigm (Corteva), SRP $6.44/ac (0.8 kg jug treats 106 ac)

  • Group 2+4 for spring wheat, winter wheat, and barley
  • prior to seeding and no later than 48 hrs after seeding
  • 15 days residual control
  • mix with any glyphosate product


Blackhawk (Nufarm), SRP $6.25/ac (9 L jug treats 30 ac)

  • prior to seeding cereals (apply 7 days prior to seeding oats)
  • contains pyraflufen (Group 14) and 2,4-D ester (Group 4)
  • mix with glyphosate


Conquer (Nufarm), SRP $7.40/ac (1 case treats 80 ac)

  • pre-seed weed control for canola
  • carfentrazone (Group 14) and bromoxynil (Group 6), mix with glyphosate
  • controls volunteer canola as well as Group 2+9 resistant weed biotypes


Aim (FMC), SRP $3.90 – $7.74/ac (2 L jug treats 67 – 133 ac)

  • pre-seed for cereals, pulses, and canola
  • carfentrazone (Group 14), mix with glyphosate
  • can mix with 2,4-D (cereals), MCPA (flax or peas), bromoxynil (canola)

Command (FMC), SRP $7.99/ac (5.4 L jug treats 40 ac)

  • pre-seed weed control for canola
  • clomazone (Group 13), mix with glyphosate
  • pre-emergent control of cleavers, does not control cleavers already emerged

Focus (FMC), SRP $16.31 – $24.71/ac (4.5 L jug treats 33 – 50 ac)

  • pre-seed or pre-emergence for spring wheat, winter wheat, soybeans, and corn
  • carfentrazone (Group 14) and pyroxasulfone (Group15)
  • rate is 33-50 ac/jug. Use higher rate when organic matter is 4-7%, low rate when it is 1-4%
  • controls both grassy and broadleaf weeds. Grassy weeds controlled include barnyard grass, green and yellow foxtail, downy and Japanese brome. Wild oats and foxtail barley are suppressed.  Broadleaf weeds controlled include cleavers, redroot pigweed, and wormseed mustard.  Kochia, wild buckwheat, wild mustard, and lamb’s quarters are suppressed.
  • soil incorporation is not required, a minimum of 0.5 inch rainfall will get herbicide into solution and available for uptake by weeds
  • tank mix with glyphosate for faster burndown of emerged weeds
  • spring wheat (not durum), soybeans, and field corn can be grown in the spring following a fall application or next growing season after a spring application


Broadleaf Herbicides


Cirpreme (Corteva), SRP $10.45/ac (1 case treats 80 ac)

  • for wheat and barley
  • co-pak of Paradigm and Lontrel for annual and perennial broadleaf weed control including dandelion, Canada thistle and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard
  • MCPA ester tank-mix recommended to enhance broadleaf weed control
  • mixes with Simplicity GoDRI, Axial, and Everest
  • use Agral 90 surfactant with a Cirpreme and Simplicity GoDri tank-mix


Infinity FX (Bayer), SRP $12.52/ac (1 case treats 40 ac)

  • co-pak of Infinity (Group 6+27) and fluroxypyr (Group 4) for broad-leaved weed control in wheat and barley
  • provides enhanced control of cleavers, kochia and volunteer flax vs. Infinity
  • mixes with Varro, Axial, Puma Advance, and Liquid Achieve


Travallas (FMC), SRP $11.70/ac (8 L jug treats 40 ac)

  • Group 2 (actives from Refine SG and Ally) plus fluroxypyr (Group 4) for broad-leaved weed control in wheat and barley
  • liquid formulation
  • mixes with Axial, Simplicity, and Everest


Grass Herbicides


Everest 3.0 (Arysta)/Sierra 3.0 (Syngenta), SRP $20.33/ac/$22.10/ac (3.88 L jug treats 80 ac, wild oat rate)

  • new formulations of Everest and Sierra for grass control in spring, durum and winter wheat
  • same acres/jug, staging, and tank-mixes as Everest 2.0 and Sierra 2.0
  • requires the addition of a non-ionic surfactant

Grass/Broadleaf Herbicides


Rexade (Corteva), SRP $30.95/ac (1 case treats 40 ac)

  • co-pak of Rexade A – Simplicity GoDRI/Arylex and Rexade B – 2,4-D ester
  • for broadleaf and grass control in spring and winter wheat
  • an adjuvant is not required with Rexade


Luxxur (Bayer), SRP $19.80/ac (1 case treats 40 ac)

  • Group 2 broadleaf active (tribenuron) co-packed with Group 2 grass active thiencarbazone (Varro)
  • for broadleaf and grass weed control in spring wheat
  • can be tankmixed with 2,4-D ester, MCPA ester, Buctril M, Infinity, Infinity FX, Octtain, Pixxaro, Paradigm, Prestige, Stellar, Trophy


Predicade (FMC), SRP $30.04/ac (1 case treats 40 ac)

  • Group 2 broadleaf actives, tribenuron and thifensulfuron co-packed with Group 4 broadleaf actives fluroxypyr and MCPA ester plus the Group 2 graminicide thiencarbazone (Varro)
  • for broadleaf and grass weed control in spring wheat




HiActivate (WinField United), SRP $1.50/ac for 10 US gpa application        (10 L jug treats 1000 US gal)

  • non-ionic spreader/activator in a low-foaming formulation
  • 90% surfactant blend
  • improves the properties of spray droplets for increased adhesion and wetting, resulting in enhanced pesticide absorption and efficacy


InterLock (WinField United), SRP $1.50 – $2.25/ac for 10 US gpa application (10 L jug treats 80 – 120 ac, 100 ac is common)

  • crop-based adjuvant improves spray droplet coverage and helps droplets stay on target
  • reduces the amount of fine particles in the spray pattern
  • improves canopy penetration
  • reduces drift and evaporation of spray droplets
  • use higher rate for drift reduction
  • works effectively with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, dessicants and defoliants




Note:  Please refer to specific product labels before use.

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