Seed Care

Oct 12, 2020

Seed Care

The potential for every crop lies in the seed. Seeds carry the genetics that determine this potential. Unfortunately, seeds also carry the fungi which can cause seed and seedling diseases. This is why seed care is such an important consideration in realizing the full potential of your crop. There is no more important stage of your crop’s life than the seed.

Seed treatments have evolved into very effective tools for controlling seed and soil-borne diseases as well as insect pests. By protecting seed from the early stresses caused by diseases and insects, seed treatments help make good crops better.

Some of the key benefits of treating your seed include:

  • quicker and more even emergence
  • larger and healthier root systems
  • better stand establishment
  • increased competition with weeds
  • easier to stage herbicide and fungicide applications
  • more even maturity
  • higher yields and grades

The following includes some of the key brands available for seed care:
1) Vibrance Quattro, Raxil Pro and Insure Cereal FX – effective seed and soil-borne disease protection for cereals
2) Cruiser Vibrance Quattro, Raxil Pro Shield – combination disease and wireworm protection for cereals
3) Lumivia CPL – new insecticide seed treatment for cereals for wireworm protection
4) Lumiderm – for cutworm control in canola. Available with pre-treated seed.
5) Fortenza Advanced – new insecticide seed treatment for canola which features two insecticides for protection against crucifer and striped flea beetles as well as cutworms. Available with pre-treated seed.
6) Seed primers – these products can be applied with seed treatments for wheat
a) Commence – microbial catalyst that enhances nutrient release from soil and fertilizer, which then increases crop emergence, plant health and root structure
b) Ascend SL – an optimal blend of 3 plant growth hormones which can result in vigorous early plant germination and emergence, as well as a robust root system

Book your seed treatment products early or have Shur-Gro treat your seed for you with one of our custom-treating units.

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