Shur-Gro and Croplan by Winfield United

Aug 22, 2022

Shur-Gro Farm Services works closely with our partners at Winfield United Canada to bring you an array of products, from CROPLAN seed to herbicides to unique adjuvants, such as Interlock.


At the Manitoba CROPLAN site we have our full commercial lineups of canola, corn, soybean & sunflowers.  We are looking at a few new experimentals for each crop to see if they have a place in the CROPLAN 2023/2024 lineups.
There are 5 new corn hybrids, 5 new canola hybrids both TruFlex and Liberty Link, and with soybeans a new WinPak variety we are testing to see how it matches up. Each soybean component is planted separately as well as together in the WinPak so we get a good look at each variety. Additionally, we have Sunflowers in our lineup with varieties, CP432E and CP455E.
For anyone wanting to tour the site south of Carman, call your local Shur-Gro Branch and arrange a tour.  There are some impressive things to see!

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Aug 22, 2023
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