Soil Testing - One Year Ends and Another Begins

Aug 26, 2022

Soil Testing - One Year Ends and Another Begins
Soil Testing – One Year Ends and Another Begins
The first step to a successful 2023 crop is a soil test.

First it is a report card from the 2022 season. The levels of nutrients that are left in the soil will tell you whether you were short or over applied. It is one tool in your toolbox to help give you some insight into those fields that were outliers, if it was soil related. Once determined, you can plan for 2023 to address those issues.

Most importantly a soil test is your starting point for the 2023 crop. From the results it can help you make decisions on what crop to grow based on nutrient levels in the soil. From there you can build your fertilizer program for 2023. Consider some of these questions when building your fertilizer plan: 


The best time to get your soil test done is behind the combine and before any tillage, this will give you the most accurate representation of what is in the soil. Regrowth/volunteers will take up nutrients and hide the amount of nitrogen available for the following crop. Sampling before fall tillage provides more consistent 0–6-inch soil cores, which gives the best soil sample quality for phosphorus, potassium, zinc, organic matter, and other non-mobile soil nutrients tested in topsoil. This also ensures that sampling gets done and you have results for applying fertilizer in the fall.
Call your local Shur-Gro Sales Agronomist to book soil sampling this fall to take your first step towards a successful 2023

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Soil sampling is carried out to analyze whether a soil has sufficient plant nutrients, to monitor changes in the soil properties, to determine how much additional fertilizer is needed to be applied in order to produce a given crop and it’s often used as a report card of how the year turned out with regards to yield and residual nutrients left in the soil. Our main goal is to understand the soil properties and how they affect plant growth and productivity of the field.
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