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Nov 16, 2020

Winfield United � Product Brands

The following exclusive WinField United products are available at Shur-Gro Farm Services:

Plant Growth Regulator

Ascend SL™

Ascend SL is a (soluble liquid) plant growth regulator (PGR) that contains an optimal combination of 3 plant growth regulators, which can result in vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, and larger leaves and wider stems to help increase yield. Ascend SL can be used as a seed treatment, in-furrow or as a foliar application. Application can be made by ground or air.
Ascend SL is a proprietary blend of cytokinin 0.090%, gibberellic acid 0.030% and indolebutyric acid 0.045%. This combination of plant growth regulators promotes cell division and elongation in leaves and stems, as well as vigorous root formation and elongation.
Registered crops include alfalfa, canola, cereals, corn, dry beans and peas, soybeans and sunflowers. A typical foliar use rate is 100 ml/ac (95 ac/9.46 L jug) and may be applied multiple (2-3) times in most crops.
As a seed treatment for wheat, 260 ml/100 kg of seed is recommended. Each jug will treat 134 bu of wheat seed.
As an in-furrow treatment for corn, 177 ml/ac is recommended. Each jug will treat 54 ac of corn.



Antler 240 EC is a post-emergent herbicide for control of grassy weeds in broadleaf crops i.e. canola, flax, peas and soybeans. Antler contains clethodim, which is the same active ingredient in products such as Centurion and Select.
A case of Antler contains a 3 L jug of clethodim and a 9 L jug of X-Act adjuvant. Each case treats 40 to 60 acres. Antler can be tank-mixed with a wide range of broadleaf tank-mix options, including Liberty, to provide broad-spectrum weed control.


Marshall is a post-emergent herbicide for control of annual and perennial grasses in broadleaf crops i.e. canola, flax, peas and soybeans. Marshall contains quizalofop, which is the same active ingredient in products such as Assure II.
Marshall is sold in a 10 L jug which treats 50 acres at the most popular rate. A non-ionic surfactant (not sold with Marshall) is required to be added at 0.25 to 0.50% v/v. Under more challenging conditions such as drought or larger weeds, Marshall can be mixed with a methylated seed oil adjuvant such as Destination at 0.50 to 1.0% v/v.
Marshall provides consistent control of foxtail barley, bromes, volunteer cereals and wild oats. It also provides effective control of glyphosate-tolerant volunteer corn. Marshall is tank-mix compatible with many broadleaf herbicides.


Justice is WinField United’s 150 g/L glufosinate herbicide for use in glufosinate-tolerant canola. Justice offers broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control and offers consistent crop safety in various environmental conditions. Tank-mixes include clethodim (Antler) and quizalofop (Marshall). Application is from the cotyledon stage and prior to the early bolting stage of the crop. Two application timings are registered at 1.35 L/ac and 1.62 L/ac. These rates may be applied in either order.

Justice is available in 108 L and 500 L containers. Tank-mix with Crimson NG to combat issues with hard water and InterLock to enhance spray droplet coverage.



InterLock is a crop oil-based adjuvant that improves spray droplet coverage and helps droplets stay on target. InterLock reduces the amount of fine particles in the spray pattern which helps to improve canopy penetration and reduce drift and evaporation of spray droplets. InterLock works effectively with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, dessicants and defoliants.
As a deposition aid, one 10 L jug will treat 80-160 acres. For drift reduction, one jug will treat 53-80 acres. Use higher rates of InterLock at higher pressures or increased spray volume (within the 5 to 25 US gpa range). A common use rate for InterLock is 100 ac/jug.

Crimson NG®

Crimson NG is a concentrated ammonium sulfate (AMS) water conditioner that provides exceptional water conditioning, even in tough hard water situations. It is a 50% formulation of AMS together with a proprietary blend of water conditioning and coupling agents. Crimson NG is also formulated with a built-in anti-foaming agent. It is available in a 10 L jug.
For use with glyphosate, glufosinate or other herbicides requiring AMS. Use rate is 1% v/v.


HiActivate is a 90% non-ionic spreader/activator adjuvant in a low-foaming formulation. For use with most post-emergent crop protection products to improve the properties of spray droplets for enhanced efficacy. Average use rate is 1 litre/100 US gallons or 0.25% v/v. One 10 L jug will treat 1000 US gallons of water.


Destination is a concentration of methylated soybean oil and surfactants for increased pesticide uptake and effectiveness. Destination helps break down waxy leaf surfaces and lets herbicides penetrate the leaves of weeds. It helps improve the performance of contact or dessicant-type herbicides as well as most grass herbicides. Herbicide performance under stressful and hot, dry weather conditions is enhanced.
Destination is available is a 10 L jug and is applied at the standard use rate of 0.5% v/v or at 1.0% v/v under more extreme environmental conditions or with dessicants.

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